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Types of Phenolic Resin Phenolic resins are divided into two different types, novolacs and resoles. Both have high temperature stability up to 300° – 350° C, high water and chemical stability. Phenolic resins are often dark-colored from yellow to dark red, and have an excellent price/performance profile. Phenolic grade "LE" sheets will withstand up to 275F and has a moisture absorption rate of 1.3%. Paper-masked "Economy" Grade Phenolic: Paper "economy" grade is a paper-based laminate with low phenolic resin content. A non-nema economy grade, economy paper phenolic is typically hot punched for numerous low voltage electrical applications. Phenolic G-10/FR4 is a continuous woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin. This grade is extremely high in mechanical strength, has low water absorption and dissipation factors and has superior electrical characteristics, which are exhibited over a wide range of temperatures and humidities.

“Phenolic Fibre Spares PFS. Fibre Rounds, Fibre Blocks, Fibre Phenolic Resin Plates & many more.material grades- F-2 & F-3. Hylam Phenolic Bakelite:-Bakelite Bobbin, Bakelite Rounds, Bakelite Control panel Board, Bakelite Electrical panels, Bakelite Load tapchanger. Phenolic Grade CE Sheeting Phenolic is a hard, dense material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper or fabric, impregnated with a synthetic resin. These phenolics are approx half the weight of aluminum and their physical toughness resists abrasion, friction, impact, and material fatigue. Laminated cotton fabric grades Also known as Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric, or SRBF Phenolic Resin Grades. Various grades of CE Phenolic and Garolite® Phenolic material are also available. The primary difference between Micarta® and Garolite® lies in their physical composition. While Micarta® is reinforced with canvas, linen, nylon or paper, Garolite® contains fiberglass. Both. g-10/fr-4 glass cloth / epoxy resin Material Information Phenolics are thermoset resins formed by the polymerization of phenol and formaldehyde, which can then be impregnated with cotton canvas or linen, paper, or glass cloth materials to form industrial laminates.

Phenolic Resins, Epoxy Resins Para-tert-Amylphenol: Demulsifiers, Biocides, Fragrances Para-tert-Butylphenol Polymer Grade: Polycarbonate Chain Terminator, Glycidyl Ethers Para-tert-Octylphenol: Surfactants, Tackifier Resins, Ink Resins, Polycarbonate Cha. Linen L/LE Cotton Fabric Reinforced Phenolic - natural light tan to brown This grade is composed of a continuous cotton woven cloth impregnated with a phenolic resin binder. This grade contains a fine weave linen and, like the canvas phenolic, is known for it's mechanical properties. Phenolic C material is commonly used to make gears, pulleys, rollers, and guides. Phenolic C is a mechanical grade and does not have electrical properties comparable to Phenolic CE. Phenolic C complies with the requirements of MIL-I-24768/16, Type FBM.

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